$ whoami Ripx80

Published 09-04-2017 13:05:52


RIP is the Instruction Pointer of 64-Bit CPUs and he is interupting vector 0x80, on linux systems we use this for system_calls. The pseudo name was created when I read the Book “The Art of Exploitation” since few years and handle with the EIP on 64-Bit systems :-).

I love the linux system and uses Gentoo if I have a lot of time and for security proposes. But when I have some trouble in the year I switch to Arch Linux… because I have not 45min to compile the newest firefox.

I use this blog to remember me what I have done and how I had done. So some articles are not for uneducated readers and not all stuff is for the security section.

When I not coding or do other interessting stuff on computer then I driving motorbikes and do some sports or reading. Well, I hope you find some stuff for you on this upcomming website. Because my time limitations I canot maintain the programms and code I have written. So you must do it yourself.

Greetings from Germany - Ripx80

Project Overview

  • vipy - Wrapper for ffmpeg to decode mass of video files
  • x11-grabber - C implementation to get screenshots of mapped and unmapped X11 Windows and you can shot windows by their pid.
  • cnl Click and Load standalone command line tool written in go and python.

Some Projects are under restrictions.. sorry, you canot see this awesome stuff.




  • The Art of Exploitation
  • Greahat Hacking
  • The Tangled Web


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