Archlinux kernel configuration and compiling - 2017-09-22 13:27:26

Introduction This is a short discurse about self kernel compilation on a arch system. Gentoo users are familiar with this kind of instructions or use the genkernel programm. You can find an article on Install kernel sources and headers $ pacman -S base-devel # only gcc and make $ mkdir /usr/src/linux $ cd /usr/src/linux download the newest kernel release, at this moment it is 4.13.0 $ wget https://www.

Goodbye Meertec - 2017-09-14 12:16:51

After a few years my website which you can contact me for webdesign and other programming stuff goes offline. Now my personal website ripx80 can find temp. on this domain. After registration you will be redirected to If you want some special or make me an offer, contact me about my e-mail address So goodbye

$ whoami Ripx80 - 2017-09-04 13:05:52

Introduction RIP is the Instruction Pointer of 64-Bit CPUs and he is interupting vector 0x80, on linux systems we use this for system_calls. The pseudo name was created when I read the Book “The Art of Exploitation” since few years and handle with the EIP on 64-Bit systems :-). I love the linux system and uses Gentoo if I have a lot of time and for security proposes. But when I have some trouble in the year I switch to Arch Linux… because I have not 45min to compile the newest firefox.
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